Sunday, 28 February 2016

A photo every hour: Tuesday

What I got up to on a Tuesday...

11:00am In the studio painting away a new "Nordic inspired" landscape. Wilkos tester pots are a life saver when you just don't have the patience to mix colours!

12:00pm Finished! My dreamy setting is all complete. Now I just have to bring in my characters 

1:00pm Home for lunch and back again with this one

2:00pm Photocopying these cuties to play around with and maybe bring into my painting 

3:00pm Article researching for one of my set tasks, this is one I found on Milk magazine about the importance of imagination in children

4:00pm At this point of the day I was scrolling through social media as a little break. Because that's boring to photograph I thought I would show you this adorable washi tape I bought from France. It features Mikey the cat by Lisa Larson; too cute!

5:00pm Scribbling lots of nonsense in my journal

6:00pm Off home back to my little student house ☾

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