Saturday, 6 February 2016

February begins

✿ I've actually stuck to my goals of getting fitter this year and joined a gym. It's not as scary as I expected and I actually enjoy it which is even better. 

✿ After getting my hair cut a week ago and having more off than I expected due to it being frazzled I have stopped using all heat on my hair in an effort to grow my hair long. Update: Now it's shiny and soft.

✿ Today I finally went and picked up my euros for Paris and I'll be going next week with lots of my textile friends. (Of course I'll post lots of pictures!)

✿ Research began for my next project but the thought of doing a presentation makes me kind of want to be sick. Public speaking is one of my biggest phobias and any tips are so welcome!

✿ I really can't wait for summer because I have so many exciting things planned.

✿ I'm terribly worried about life after I graduate... But I think every university student will say the same so for now that's all I will write. Who knows what the future will hold?

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