Saturday, 13 February 2016

Update, The Wild Things and off to Paris!

Concept board for The Wild Things 

Studio space and WIP

My presentation went really well (many thanks for the tips and articles which were left- it seems that preparation is key!) so I thought I would share my new project ideas because I finally can. The worst part about some of these modules is not being allowed to post about what I'm doing when all I want to do is share! 

Drawings ~~

Even though the project began on Monday I've felt quite motivated with my new brief and have already gathered quite a collection of drawings. We were able to start fresh and choose our own direction so I titled mine The Wild Things with "curious children and unusual creatures frolicking in whimsical worlds" for girls casual wear. I'm quite liking the idea of creating a dreamy atmosphere with cute characters having their own little adventures! You can keep up with everything over on Instagram as I post more 'in the moment' shots on there whereas my blog becomes a round up of things with extra reading. 

Paris from 2013

Tomorrow I am off to Paris with uni! I am so so excited, the last time I went was in 2013 with my fashion course and I cannot wait to be back there with my wonderful friends eating all of the crepes and taking lots of photos. We're hoping to see lots of stuff and I figure our days will be packed with things to do, I finally get to visit my first trade fair which will be exciting! We'll be coming back next weekend and I'm sure I'll have lots to share; goodbye for now!

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