Sunday, 6 March 2016

Designing a new collection

Designs for childrenswear

As we are in a new month I thought I would revamp my blog a little. I was really inspired by Lisa Congdon's wonderful design and I thought this was much more unique and "me"! Obviously it's not like I have anything better to do like an essay or anything, but I did do a little bit yesterday so in my mind that's ok. 

I thought I would share a peek of my newest collection based on my ideas which I posted about here. I went for a slightly different way of working this time around as I wanted to focus on something more illustrative and character based. They will be screen printed at some point in the following two weeks and I also have to present two different colour ways which I'm working on now. Screen printing is rewarding, just as long as you have prepared everything beforehand!

Drawings of little houses and dyed fabrics ready to print on to 
A creature I won't be using but I still love his face

Throughout my first year I thought I was definitely more of an "abstract" kind of designer but this just doesn't appeal to me much anymore. I love drawing  actual things, whether that is fruit or houses or cute little characters I've made up. I also love having the artistic freedom when it comes to character designing; I feel like my imagination is coming out a bit more when I have a story to tell!

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