Thursday, 3 March 2016

For March: WGSN and lots of thoughts

My pineapple print on the right

Hello! I forgot to mention some good news. Our Paris trip wasn't just a mini "holiday" (barely a holiday as everyone was knackered by the end of it!) our fashion prints were exhibited at the Première Vision trade show and I actually sold a design which I was really delighted about. I also ended up being featured on WGSN for their Première Vision trend report and on their blog which you can see here. It took a lot of hard work to screen print my collection so I'm happy that it paid off even just a little bit! 

Right now Ive been feeling quite down about uni, I don't really know why but I need to stop comparing myself to other people and just focus on my own work and accomplishments. A guest speaker came in a few months ago and told us to just be smiley and positive... but I suppose that's easy to say if you don't suffer from a few mental health issues, right? Not to get too serious; she made a good point! It's just difficult if you're already quite a reserved person and your mind is clouded with other unwanted thoughts and feelings. I am going to think more positively this month. Additionally I have a placement this easter at Keelergordon which I am really excited about!

March is expected to be quite an overwhelming month. I also turn 21... so there's that!

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