Saturday, 26 March 2016

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Observational drawings (alongside squiggly handwriting) from the Calder exhibition

Hello! Ignore the gross hands- during the first couple days of my work placement I was in the print room and ended up staining my fingers. It's been really great so far; everyone at Keelergordon has been super nice to me and the studio is wonderful and hectic but in a good way! The first week has been cut short because of Easter so I have ended up with an extra long weekend, since Jodie has gone to visit her grandparents who live nearby I'll be discovering London by myself which I think is the dreamiest way to explore any city. 

Brick walls and tea in the print room. (Adding a Pantone mug to my wishlist)

"Empty Lot" by Abraham Cruzvillegas in the Turbine Hall @ Tate Modern

SO after reading Sophies blog post about exhibitions this Spring I was over the moon when I remembered that Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture would be on when I was visiting. I have seen little bits of his work at Leeds Art Gallery but viewing it all together is even more amazing and beautiful. As well as his elegantly formed mobiles he also does some really quirky wire drawings which made me smile and the nicest thing is how he signs his work in the wire; it's mostly continuous so his signature is all loopy and fits in to the drawing. I've been extreeeemely inspired!

I also picked up a copy of Anorak from the Tate shop and it's so very cute! It's a childrens magazine I've been wanting for a while mostly because I love the assortment of illustration. They have a lovely range of childrens books in there and I wish I could've bought more but I don't think I'd have enough room in my suitcase.

Cutest page in Anorak magazine. I love the cat in the apron!

Quick drawings from the exhibition

After the Tate I hopped on a bus to Oxford street (which isn't so exciting as we have the same places in Leeds) where I eventually found Carnaby street and visited lots of cool stores like Dahlia, Skinny Dip and Monki! I know I said before that I disliked London but it's really growing on me, it's so much easier to navigate when you live here and don't have to hurry back in rush hour for a coach home. We're staying in an Air bnb near London Fields and the area is so lovely and cool too. I feel right at home here and I definitely take back what I said about hating London!!!

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