Monday, 21 March 2016

Turning 21

Sparkle sparkle 🌟

Today it's my 21st birthday and when this posts I'll be on my four hour coach to London!  I'm doing a three week internship at a fashion print studio so that's pretty exciting, and I'm also staying with Jodie so thankfully it won't be a lonely adventure. 

At first I was a little bummed out that I wouldn't be at home for it but I've had the best week EVER because my friends and family are super super nice and treated me lots! I have truly been spoilt with cake, gifts and little ventures out I feel so grateful to have these lovely folk in my life. Jake took me to the cinema and we also visited Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom in Leeds, then on Saturday I spent the day shopping with my parents and ate at Thai restaurant Chaophraya in the evening. I was given so many lovely things but I think the biggest surprise was the Wacom tablet from my sister! (Prepare to see lots more doodles in my posts,) I really didn't expect anything and she knew that I had wanted one in the past, it was so thoughtful but then again, everything was!

Mini haul
Green tea at Just Grand

SO now I am 21 wahooooo! Being 20 was good so I can only wish the same greatness for the year to come. I'll keep posting about London; hopefully during the weekends we will go out in to the big city and see lots of cool things I can share! 

I'm twenty now (x)

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