Thursday, 28 April 2016

Abstract bloom

I've been busy painting lots of bold flowers for my current module. Paint is not my go to material but since I could spend some time on this piece it made it easier for me to work with the medium; still a painful task to mix enough colour but it gives pretty good results I think!

Monday, 25 April 2016

#100daysofsurfacepattern Week One


Hello! Here is week 1 of #THE100DAYPROJECT where I decided to explore #100daysofsurfacepattern. This week I haven't really struggled to create or post, but right now I only have theory based work at uni so this project is the perfect break from all of that stressful thinking! 




Creating these patterns has made me realise how much inspiration and energy I have to make things... I want to be able to apply my designs to something rather than hiding them away on my computer, so using a couple of these prints I have created two notebooks which I'm hoping to sell on the art market at the end of year show like last year. I'm so excited to see them, I hope they turn out well and of course I'll post about them when they arrive!




All of my prints this week have been completely digital from drawings to finished pattern. I am so in love with how fast I can create with my Wacom but weirdly enough I started to get a little stressed about it. I was worried it would begin to define me as a designer (I was set on completely screen printing) but life is too short to worry about silly things and I can do both. I'll just carry on making things however I want to! 

Also another thing: I forgot to mention that I had a little interview over on Natashas blog which you can read here and Eve also featured me in her "Top 3 young designers" post too! I can't believe that people want to put me on their blogs sometimes but I'm so grateful for it- it makes me really happy to carry on making things knowing that I have support from other lovely creatives. 

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The 100 Day Project

Starting from today I'll be posting a new pattern onto my Instagram every day for a hundred days and I'll be sharing  a weekly round up on the blog too. I'm feeling pretty confident about it!

It's not too late to join in and what's more motivating than having a bunch of people doing it all at the same time? Nothing! See inspiring posts from the creator of the project here - they might just point you into the right direction.

KAWS and Eduardo Paolozzi at YSP

Last Sunday me and Jake visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see KAWS and the lovely collage work of Eduardo Paolozzi. The large characters by KAWS are really impressive (and at some points slightly intimidating) however I much preferred his 2D pieces which were exhibited in the Longside Gallery as they were so graphic and vibrant you wouldn't believe they were made with acrylic paint. What I did like was how he gives his sculptures their own personalities and I kept thinking how well they would fit in a theme park... more Dismaland than Disneyland of course! 

The juxtaposition of his work and Paolozzi's was really wonderful as they both had that humorous pop culture referencing. It was a great decision to display them together as on the whole it created good fun vibes full of colour and expression; I think it's not one to miss if you happen to be in the area.

Friday, 15 April 2016

500 followers, #The100DayProject, update

Hello! A very happy day as TCO reached 500 followers on bloglovin which had to be screenshot as we all know what happens; it will be back down to 499 within minutes of me posting this! Thank you very much, blogging is one of my favourite hobbies so it's a nice feeling knowing that people might actually enjoy reading about my creative endeavours. 

I've been particularly busy since I came back from London as I had a deadline on Thursday. The majority of me is feeling confident about the project I submitted, I don't think I could have done much more, but there is also a a tiny part of my brain which is thinking of all the things which I probably could have done better. It's always like that though isn't it? This was my last actual design module of second year as my next module is based around my essay which I still need to fix up for Tuesday. Im quite proud of my essay though and can't wait to figure something out for the practical side; I'm thinking silk scarves but I don't want to limit myself just yet.

I'm going to attempt to take part in #The100DayProject this year and I'm stuck between ideas as I don't want to end up bored or frustrated... I'm sliding towards 100 days of pattern as I know I could make time for it and create simpler things if I have to like when I'm on holiday. Are you taking part in the challenge? What are your thoughts for it?  

Lastly I thought I'd mention that I submitted a wallpaper design to Feathr and if mine is chosen I receive a cash prize and get added to their lovely list of designers for 2016/17. It would be kind of you to vote for mine- unfortunately you have to create an account to do so but if you have the time then it would be more than appreciated! There are some rather lovely designs on there anyway, so it's worth a look if you are wanting some much needed inspiration. 

That's probably it from me as I have lots of things which need writing and that doesn't include blogging. I hope you're having a lovely week!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Friday feels

PLEASE don't come back until September. Last day interning- sad but excited to go home!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Wild Things for girls



Draping my designs into girls fashion. You can see my finished screen prints here - it's been so fun trying something even more illustrative than I would normally do. I finally finished my essay and I already can't wait to start my next project... I seem to constantly have too many ideas but just not enough time to try them out!

Monday, 4 April 2016

April: Days go by

Laura visited me in London this weekend and it was so wonderful I never wanted it to end! We took a trip to The Breakfast Club, wandered through the lovely Liberty and spent hours walking through Oxford and Carnaby Street. For our last dinner together we decided on Hard Rock Cafe (where we had the best cocktail) and then went back to mine to watch movies. I only have four days left of my internship and even though it's been fun and a valuable experience I am so eager to get back to my little house in Leeds with Jake and the normal uni routine. 

Mondays are a tough start sometimes but thankfully I had a productive day. The senior designer gave me the responsibility of screen printing her latest designs and I THINK they went ok but I won't really find out until tomorrow so fingers crossed! I will leave it at that for now- working full time hours is definitely catching up on me and I can't wait to have a lie in on Sunday!

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