Monday, 25 April 2016

#100daysofsurfacepattern Week One


Hello! Here is week 1 of #THE100DAYPROJECT where I decided to explore #100daysofsurfacepattern. This week I haven't really struggled to create or post, but right now I only have theory based work at uni so this project is the perfect break from all of that stressful thinking! 




Creating these patterns has made me realise how much inspiration and energy I have to make things... I want to be able to apply my designs to something rather than hiding them away on my computer, so using a couple of these prints I have created two notebooks which I'm hoping to sell on the art market at the end of year show like last year. I'm so excited to see them, I hope they turn out well and of course I'll post about them when they arrive!




All of my prints this week have been completely digital from drawings to finished pattern. I am so in love with how fast I can create with my Wacom but weirdly enough I started to get a little stressed about it. I was worried it would begin to define me as a designer (I was set on completely screen printing) but life is too short to worry about silly things and I can do both. I'll just carry on making things however I want to! 

Also another thing: I forgot to mention that I had a little interview over on Natashas blog which you can read here and Eve also featured me in her "Top 3 young designers" post too! I can't believe that people want to put me on their blogs sometimes but I'm so grateful for it- it makes me really happy to carry on making things knowing that I have support from other lovely creatives. 

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