Monday, 4 April 2016

April: Days go by

Laura visited me in London this weekend and it was so wonderful I never wanted it to end! We took a trip to The Breakfast Club, wandered through the lovely Liberty and spent hours walking through Oxford and Carnaby Street. For our last dinner together we decided on Hard Rock Cafe (where we had the best cocktail) and then went back to mine to watch movies. I only have four days left of my internship and even though it's been fun and a valuable experience I am so eager to get back to my little house in Leeds with Jake and the normal uni routine. 

Mondays are a tough start sometimes but thankfully I had a productive day. The senior designer gave me the responsibility of screen printing her latest designs and I THINK they went ok but I won't really find out until tomorrow so fingers crossed! I will leave it at that for now- working full time hours is definitely catching up on me and I can't wait to have a lie in on Sunday!

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