Tuesday, 19 April 2016

KAWS and Eduardo Paolozzi at YSP

Last Sunday me and Jake visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see KAWS and the lovely collage work of Eduardo Paolozzi. The large characters by KAWS are really impressive (and at some points slightly intimidating) however I much preferred his 2D pieces which were exhibited in the Longside Gallery as they were so graphic and vibrant you wouldn't believe they were made with acrylic paint. What I did like was how he gives his sculptures their own personalities and I kept thinking how well they would fit in a theme park... more Dismaland than Disneyland of course! 

The juxtaposition of his work and Paolozzi's was really wonderful as they both had that humorous pop culture referencing. It was a great decision to display them together as on the whole it created good fun vibes full of colour and expression; I think it's not one to miss if you happen to be in the area.

Sketchbook from Paolozzi

KAWS at the Longside Gallery


"...with half a century between the two bodies of work, a fascinating thread connects these artists, their ideas and preoccupations. Both share an interest in cartoons and toys as democratic and pervasive visual icons that cross boundaries; both embrace the belief that art should be accessible to all, responsive to contemporary culture, and reflect the evolving iconography of the modern world." 

KAWS - the very large outside sculpture 

KAWS at the Longside Gallery

KAWS at the Longside Gallery

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