Saturday, 21 May 2016

Made Here: LCA Art Foundation Exhibition

Mia Symonds

It's that time of year again where all of the final shows start taking place so here are my favourites from the Leeds College of Art Foundation exhibition. I'm definitely a sucker for textural things, bright colour palettes and loose quirky drawings!

Friday, 13 May 2016

About paintings mostly


Jakes painting was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition so yesterday we travelled to London to deliver it and I'm happily playing the roll of an extremely proud girlfriend keeping my fingers crossed that it gets through! It was such a sunny day which meant having a lovely walk around the city. I know I don't post many cutesy couple photos on here but I like showing bits of my life every now and again, we were sat on the fountain ledge in front of the National Gallery and I was sooo tempted to jump in the water to cool down from the heat. Weather, please continue to be really great from June till September (at least!)

"Show Room" - Jakes website 

Chris Huen Sin-Kan 

When walking back to the train station we came across an exhibition opening night and both really liked the work of Chris Huen Sin-Kan. Since I don't paint a lot and find it a little overwhelming to get started it was refreshing to see these huge paintings in an expressive style I can really relate too. I love the little brush strokes used to build different forms and even though they're lively there is something calm and spacious about them, not forgetting to mention that I adore the colours too. They really make want to paint so I'm going to take this unexpected inspiration and maybe try painting on canvas over summer... 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

SHOP: A5 printed notebooks *New*

I turned my prints into notebooks! They will hopefully be sold at the little art market LCA has with the end of year show but I thought I would share them online first. 

**They'll be up for sale until June 10th**

Monday, 2 May 2016

#100daysofsurfacepattern Week Two


Week two has arrived! Occasionally my laziness took over and I ended up reworking some of my older prints... But they still haven't been posted before so I can kindaaa get away with it. I think my favourites have to be the pineapples, cactus and tiger... Maybe in the future I can make something with them!  







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May: Five good things

Sunny faces from Paperchase 

I thought I would start this month off with positive things.

 It's NEARLY the end of second year for me and although it is kinda sad (especially since it's gone sooo quick) I can't wait to break up for summer and really enjoy the time off. I know we have our dissertation research to think about but with some tactical planning I'm sure I'll be OK. I'm counting down the days till our holiday in June!

 Yesterday I bought a little tripod for my phone and uploaded my first video to Instagram. I love the idea of sharing my drawing processes and can't wait to video more... is there anything in particular you would like to see? 

 We finished watching Flowers on Friday which was a new dark comedy on channel 4. It's so hard to find good tv without it being the general reality shows and what not; I like programmes which are a bit more daring and out there. This is certainly one to watch if you're after something different and appreciate things with an open mind. It's both hilarious and heart wrenching!

 At the end of May me and Jake are off to see Derren Brown's Miracle in Leeds. I've loved Derren Brown for years and being able to watch him live has me so excited! I'm not the biggest fan of your average magician but as an "illusionist and mentalist" he is a lot more interesting to watch.

 Bank holiday weekend has been an absolute treat. Jake made pancakes today and yesterday we went shopping, stopped for coffee and baked cookies. I've appreciated the extra time in bed and relaxing weekend off... sadly now I have to prepare for next weeks hand in! 

Wishing you all the best for May,

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