Thursday, 2 June 2016

Cat face bag with Marabu Textil Fabric Pens

As a textile designer I love finding new ways to transfer imagery onto fabric. Of course, I have access to some really great facilities at uni but they're not the sort of processes you can easily (or affordably!) do in your home. London Graphics Centre sent me some Marabu Textil fabric paint pens to try out so I decided to make my own cat face tote bag. I wanted something quite bold and ended up pleasantly surprised with the results!

With the normal Marabu Textil Painter pens which are good for white and light fabrics, it did require a bit more work especially when I was colouring in the black. I personally quite like the textural hand made feel it produced although if you're wanting large areas of solid colour then I would recommend using the Marabu Textil Painter Plus pens instead.

The Marabu Textil Painter Plus which I used for the blue eyes and the white marks are better for dark fabrics as they have a thicker consistency which allows the pigment to sit on top of the fabric. I think I much preferred using these ones as they feel better to handle and you can get a natural flow going. However, I did try these pens on a navy coloured fabric and I think they would need a few layers to get an ultra opaque colour. 

After fixing with an iron my bag is soft again, the design didn't fade and it's washable too! You can find a whole selection of different colours here on the LGC website. I'm off to London today so I'll be taking my new bag and persuading Jake to take some pics for me!

Do you think you would ever try fabric pens? I think they'd be great for homemade gifts and I can't wait to include them in future design work. 

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