Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Good news for June

A selection of my greetings range

Hello; what a lovely sunny start for June! I'm very happy as I've finally finished second year with a clear direction for my dissertation when I start back in September. I now have the biggest collection of books to read over summer but I still have lots of trips planned in between so that definitely makes up for it! For my last essay I managed to get a really good grade which I'm so pleased with as I was unsure about my question; thankfully my tutor could see where I was coming from and it did actually make sense. 

I was also a runner up for the Hallmark greetings competition and ended up winning a two week placement at their studio- so exciting!!! I worked so hard on my little collection and I am really really happy that all the time spent was worth it, I was starting to feel a bit down about my work and this was the confidence boost I needed. I also loved using these lovely colours and making up my own little characters which is something I want to take forward into my final year.

Notebooks and other goodies will be on sale at the Art Market during the LCA degree show!!

The degree show at Leeds College of Art begins Saturday 11th June with the private view on Friday and I'll be selling things on the Art Market like last year! I have notebooks, cushions and tote bags for sale so don't forget to stop by if you do make it to the show. I can't wait to share my favourites from Printed Textiles, I've had a sneaky peek and it is soooo beautiful as always. I just know it'll provide lots of inspiration for my own final collection!

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