Thursday, 23 June 2016

Snapshots from Spain

I arrived back in Leeds with post holiday blues after having the most woooonderful break! We visited Cala d'or in Majorca for a week and stayed in an apartment via Airbnb (which is great for us with our student-y budget) and we rather enjoyed making breakfast and lunch together in our own little kitchen. The sun shone every day and the sea was so blue- we were even served fresh pineapple right on the beach! Every night we indulged in fancy meals and tried to experiment with our food choices by picking the weirdest thing from the menu. Even the cheesy entertainment was bearable, but I suppose when you're on holiday nothing seems to matter! 

It was absolute bliss which left me very happy and inspired to start creating again. In this post there are film photographs courtesy of Jake (THANK YOU) with a couple of my own shots.

Pool side

Down at the marina 

Beach day

Light leak in the Caves of Drach

Blue waters

Trying to master crazy golf


It makes me real sad looking through these pictures as now we have the boring job of packing up things in boxes ready to move house, which is indeed quite exciting but not as fun as lying on the beach or playing crazy golf. 

Have you been on holiday yet this year? Maybe you're planning on going somewhere nice for a little break?

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