Thursday, 7 July 2016

July: Fresh start

July begins with a fresh start in a lovely new home and since it’s only me and Jake the house is clean and everything is where we want it to be. We were sharing a house with four other people before so to have all of this space to ourselves is both overwhelming and the best thing ever. We made the spare room our studio and there’s actually a separation from where we work to where we relax... having to shove all of my belongings into one room and staying in their to work/sleep/watch tv was making me slightly insane. Finally I feel comfortable and happy!!! 

Second year of uni has been a lot of hard work but every minute was worth it as I passed with a first! I’ve had a really amazing year and there have been so many opportunities thrown at me I can’t explain how good it’s been. Now into my final year I’m actually a little excited for whats to come, it felt like yesterday I was moving to Leeds to start uni and now here I am!?

Secret Garden Party 2015

I’m back in my home town now seeing family and friends which means I have wifi so I can finally update my blog. (Seriously, this is the worst bit about moving house. Such first world problems.) I’m off to the Secret Garden Party at the end of the month with Laura, (see last years post here) however this time we’re boutique camping which will be amazing, I can't wait for all of the music, art and glitter! I just know the next couple of months will go by so quickly and it won't be long till I'm back at uni.  I hope you're having a good summer, I'd love to hear about what you're getting up to!

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