Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Painting with gouache

I've not been feeling myself recently but I think I'm slowly getting out of this weird mood. I think I just needed time to sit and make things for myself again so I decided to walk into town and buy lots of lovely new art supplies from Fred Aldous! It actually helped quite a bit as most of my stuff was becoming unbearable to use and I finally felt like I could enjoy creating new things.

Whilst I love to collage I wanted to find another way to bring colour into my work. I've always been a bit scared of painting but I finally sat down and experimented with gouache that Jake let me borrow and I love it. It's so opaque, the colours are vibrant and it's much easier to work with than I had originally imagined. I painted this lovely bird in a new sketchbook which I'm hoping to fill entirely. (Not sure if this will happen, but I'm off to Cornwall with Jake and his family tomorrow so I'm hoping to do some drawing whilst I'm there.)

When I was in Fred Aldous I picked up a Sharpie peel-off China marker because I loved the wax texture it created.  (I used it to sketch these dogs!) I've never seen them before, but I think the general idea is that you can draw on china, plastic, glass, etc. and it can only be removed with a damp cloth. When applied to paper you can't wipe them away, however they are waterproof so I think they'd be really great for mixed media pieces.

Not many pages but I'm hoping to continue with this; I miss sharing all of my sketchbooks and drawings! 

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