Monday, 14 November 2016

Fabric collages: A day in the life

My studio space ✨

I needed a change with my blog recently so that's the reason for the little makeover. It'll most likely not stay like this for long but I guess it will adapt with me as I'm constantly growing as a designer. I was trying to figure out what "my colours" are but I couldn't and I know it's because I love to work with so many different palettes I just can't choose one which describes me best. I think putting our creative selves into little boxes of what we do and what we don't is probably the worst thing... I couldn't imagine sticking to one colour scheme for the rest of my life! 

Anyway this is what I've been making recently, they're collages in fabric with a mixture of plain colour and screen printed marks.  My dissertation is focusing on print design for children so that's why I've gone for a combination of bold primary colours and simplistic shapes. I want to create different narratives that children can respond to but instead of going down the fantasy route I opted for those lovely moments we experience in every day life; going to parties and eating cake, lying on the beach with friends or walking a cute dog in the park. 

Before the screen printed layer was added

Co-ordinating print 🚗

The deadline is looming (I have seven weeks left which also includes Christmas) however I'm feeling pretty confident! Advice for any of you starting your dissertation next year: Have a great head start and plan your days very wisely. It was well worth starting the research before uni began as reading the books and writing notes has to be the most time consuming bit. 

A nice little end to the post and also a tiny bit late, but last week I was interviewed on Blog Socks about The Creative Outlook which you can read here! Whilst you're there I'd recommend having a browse as it's a great new platform created to share a variety of blogs which could possibly include your new favourite.  

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