Monday, 16 January 2017

Angela Harding at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Tools and observations books

Jake and I ventured out yesterday as I really wanted to see the work of Angela Harding at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Unfortunately the glass frames used to display her prints resulted in a little glare when taking pictures so excuse the lack of images, but it was wonderful to see the details that went into each piece. Even though I found some of the themes a little too quaint for my taste I really loved the combination of screen printed colour with black hand carved details printed over the top. 

Wood blocks from her British bird alphabet

Jonny Hannah sketchbooks

As always with YSP I love the range of stationary, books and homeware they stock in their shop and picked up this set of five sketchbooks by Jonny Hannah. I'm really quite picky when it comes to sketchbooks as I can't stand drawing on flimsy cheap paper but these are such good quality and so beautiful too! I absolutely love his illustrations and really really wish his Main Street exhibition was permanently on display somewhere because I could admire his work all day. 

Angela Harding: Flights of Memory

It's been so nice researching for my final project and right now I'm feeling really overwhelmed with ideas, I can't wait to get back into drawing and painting again just for the fun of it!! We're off to London this Saturday too and there's one weird place in particular I'm very excited to visit. I'll most definitely be sharing my discoveries if we make it. ✨

If you want to see the lovely work of Angela Harding at YSP the exhibition is open until the 26th February. We also visited "Beyond Boundaries: Art By Email" whilst we were there which was eye opening; a great insight into the art world of the Middle East and their perspectives on current situations. You can read more about it here and it is open until the 5th March.

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