Sunday, 29 January 2017

Drawing birds, bits and bobs

Hello! Here's a few recent drawings in ink and graphite. It feels so good to draw with ink again, I've been ignoring it a lot lately yet I think it's always been the most "me". I love to use the wrong side of the paint brush to draw because I find the results are a lot more expressive. I think this is something that I picked up during my old illustration classes when they would make us draw with sticks and ink! 

A lot of people hated that part but it was always my favourite way of working as it allowed for us to be more carefree and embrace the mistakes. The need for perfection can totally suck the fun out of the drawing process, sometimes you just have to stop being so precious about the marks on the paper and treat them as explorations instead of a final finished thing. Tomorrow I am finally back at university since the dissertation hand in, I can't wait to get back into a productive routine and hopefully start creating some more lovely work to share. 

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