Sunday, 1 January 2017

Goodbye 2016 ~ Hello 2017!

HAPPY 2017! Here's my first illustration of the year with sooo many thanks to Laura for helping me turn it into a gif.

It actually feels really strange looking back on my post from the beginning of 2016 and remembering all of the things I wanted to do (like sell designs and win competitions) and how many of those things I managed to accomplish. For my second year of uni it's been pretty successful and I don't think it could have even gone any better! ((I also just want to forget all of the obvious shitty events in the world otherwise I could be ranting about them for days.))


In 2016 I screen printed and exhibited my first fashion collection at a trade fair, sold my pattern designs in Paris and Brussels, visited Paris with my lovely uni friends, collaborated with brands on my blog, interned at a fashion print studio in London, won a placement with Hallmark cards through a live brief, went on my first holiday with Jake (as a couple), turned twenty one, experienced glamping for the first time at the Secret Garden Party, was featured and interviewed by a variety of blogs (I still can't believe I've been asked so many times. Thank you!!), had my work published into an actual book and received a first for my second year of uni overall.

To get a bit more ~real~ it's also the year that I recognised it's okay to be scared about the future and comparison really is the thief of joy. In my attempt at the 100 day project I figured out that creative burnout happens but it's totally normal and okay to not be inspired all of the time especially when you have more important things to think about (like deadlines). By the end of the year I finally realised it is all about doing what makes you happy. Who would've thought?

For 2017 my biggest goal is to produce a final major project I'm really proud of. There are smaller goals too but I'll keep them to myself for now. I just want to have fun whilst I'm still at uni surrounded by amazing facilities and the perfect studio setting without the worry of having to make money. (Then I'll graduate, real life can kick in and I'll start worrying about houses and stuff!)

Have a lovely new year everybody! I wish you all the best for 2017. 😊✨

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