Monday, 9 January 2017

Update: The Dissertation end & custom blog headers

Me holding 7000 words I actually wrote 🎉

You've probably already seen my update through Instagram but yes... I've finally completed my dissertation! 

Funny story; I actually had it printed and bound twice over because I made a tiny mistake and wasn't willing to risk it being spotted. Always remember to triple check everything!!! However, the worst part of my final year (harsh but pretty true), is basically over despite a few little practical things I still have to put together. I've never had to write something so extensive but thankfully I managed my time really well and didn't stress myself out (excuse the reprinting) which is something I wanted to avoid from the start. I don't know if my grade will reflect any of the hard work but I am super proud of it anyway and sooo relieved it's nearly all over!

Illustrative header for Sarah, currently used on her social media accounts
Header variation for Victoria - She decided to go for something simpler but incorporated the illustrations into her blog/social media

For the past couple of weeks I've also been working on blog headers for people as well as a custom illustration I'm excited to start painting. It's really fun getting to work with other bloggers and even though I did start designing headers in 2015, I now feel a lot more comfortable with my style and what I can offer. If you would like something creating for your blog such as a new header or custom portrait, feel free to check out my new page for more information and email me at with your enquiries! You can view more of my style by visiting my portfolio website:

I have quite a few blog post ideas saved in my drafts and can't wait to actually sit down and write them at some point. It's really hard to find a good source of natural light in my house so taking photos is always the biggest struggle. Maybe I should invest in some fancy lights to help with photography... If anyone can recommend me an affordable pair then do let me know! 😌

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