Saturday, 25 February 2017

Featured in Artful Blogging Spring 2017

Hello! Last year I was invited to contribute to the 2017 Spring issue of Artful Blogging, published by Stampington, where they featured my Instagram in celebration of Insta blogging.

For the article I decided to write about my thoughts on Instagram and how it can be used to the advantage of a creative. I've always been really into sharing my creations online and sometimes I think people underestimate the influence it can have. Even though it is "just the internet" it seems pretty silly to completely ignore it when we're constantly carrying our phones around anyway. Sharing a quick snap on Instagram is so easy, why not if it means people can see your work and possibly offer you more opportunities?

I was so excited to see this in print because I loved the layout of the whole thing and I've never really viewed my Instagram as something that could be featured somewhere. It's a beautiful magazine in terms of photography and content which is more than likely helped by the fact that it's mostly written by bloggers. If you're interested in the magazine you can purchase a copy online here or check to see if it's available in store in your area (I think there's a few in the UK!) 

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