Monday, 20 February 2017

Monday; hello again!

Hello! I didn't get round to posting last week, I just ended up being super busy and wanted to focus on my final project instead. I've also been on a little break from Twitter and I'm really enjoying not using it as much. It's a nice way to share my blog posts and I like to join in with the cbloggers chat every now and again, but usually it just makes me feel overwhelmed and I don't think I ever have anything useful to contribute. On the other hand I've been loving Instagram a lot more and if you don't already follow me you can find me @amyhodkin

Earlier this week Louise kindly featured me on her blog, Love Print Studio, as part of her Creative Quarters segment. I love her blog because it's always so colourful and creative! It gave me the chance to share stuff about my design work and I loved the images she selected so please take a quick look if you can. 

Mixing colours for screen printing

Hands in drawing ink

The last couple of weeks have been filled with painting, drawing and lots of research. I also started dyeing fabrics and mixing colours for screen printing which I'm hoping to begin today! I decided to call my final collection "Unimagined Treasures" inspired by my visit to the exhibition of the same name which I blogged about here. I really liked the idea of somebody living in their own ~weird and whimsical~ cabinet of curiosity with only their objects and nature to befriend them.

Bird in acrylic 

Colour testing on dyed linen

Taken at Manchester Museum

To collect more imagery to draw from on Saturday I visited Manchester Museum, it's such a beautiful and interesting collection I spent two hours in there taking pictures just mesmerised by everything. I love well curated spaces especially when they're full of unusual things, the museum in Leeds is such a disappointment so it was fun to wander around a place that wasn't falling to pieces!

I also thought I would mention my dissertation results: I received a first!!! I am sooo relieved and happy just because I was feeling really unsure about what I'd submitted. Even though I still rather dislike the things I made for my dissertation, it's good to know that it's out of the way and all of my stressing out was kinda worth it in the end. Now my stress has moved onto this new project... but at least it's a fun one this time!

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