Sunday, 2 April 2017

David Hockney at Tate Britain

Last week we visited the David Hockney exhibition and it was amazing to see so much of his work from various stages of his life together in one space. It makes you realise how much an artist can change when presented with a retrospective of their work. Hockney draws and paints with a mixture of media, creates etchings, designs stage sets, makes photo collages digitally and by hand, and most recently has replaced his sketchbook with the ipad. I really admire his open mind to new techniques and technology and it's a great reminder to keep experimenting even after leaving university. 

We Two Boys Together Clinging, 1961

Flight into Italy - Swiss Landscape, 1962

The Hypnotist, 1963

Overall I personally favoured most of his earlier pieces. As refined as his portraits are, I prefer the crude marks and raw emotion expressed in his works from the sixties. I love the darker, muted colour palettes and his complete disregard for painting the "perfect" picture, with abstracted figures and text scrawled across the canvas. I don't really know why; I like the movement of the brushstrokes and I think they embody more sentiment rather than just being a painting of something. 

May Blossom on the Roman Road, 2009

Garden with Blue Terrace, 2015

One thing I did love about his most recent stuff was his combination of vibrant colours and use of mark making; these two were my favourites! They make me long for overgrown spring fields and lush tropical weather. 

It's really hard to share how impressive they all are and a visit to the Tate is definitely worth it. I think his work is so appealing and at times so diverse, it would be hard to find something you didn't like. After scheduling my last post I've had my 22nd birthday and tomorrow Jake and I are off to the lovely city of Edinburgh! Since we were so inspired by Hockney we decided to buy lots of new art supplies to try sketching whilst we are there. Hopefully I will have lots of lovely things to share when we get back. :)

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