Saturday, 29 July 2017

A much needed update

Snippets from my degree show

It's been nearly two months since I last updated, so I guess a lot of has happened since then. 

First of all- I finished my degree! I'm officially not a student anymore which feels really odd, but also really good. My degree show turned out great, and after all of the stress I'd put on myself I'm happy it's now over. As the end grew closer I found myself questioning my creative abilities and my confidence was really low. Now I feel like that pressure has gone away and I can actually breathe a bit!

Degree show

I then took my final show to New Designers and exhibited alongside my lovely course mates down in London. This was a really fantastic opportunity and if you have the chance to go I heavily recommend it; I left with some amazing contacts! Whilst I was also offered interviews and placements my intentions were to stay in Yorkshire, so that did require saying no to a few brilliant things. But I'm not sad about it as I'd already made a little plan once university was over. My top tip for exhibiting at New Designers (or any graduate show) would be to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Don't rely on New Designers to find your dream graduate job-- it's just another opportunity, and if nothing comes from it you have so many more years to find the next. 

I've now moved out of the city into a little flat just a train ride away from Leeds. I've recently acquired keys to my new studio space and I cannot wait to start printing again. The dream is to freelance full time but right now I'm balancing that alongside my role as an artworker. Before I left university there were a few things I really wanted to accomplish for when I began graduate life: get a job I actually liked, move into a cute flat which had no connection to student life and have my own studio space so I could continue printmaking. I'm very happy to say I ticked all of them off my list! 

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